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  • About GLIG
    Carrying century-lasting classics to serve life of customers
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    Building an internationally competitive
    consumer goods and service group
    Strategic Partners
    The 129th online Canton Fair was held from April 15 to 24 successfully. Guangzhou Eagle-coin Food Group CO.,Ltd. has upgraded its website and added VR showroom, making the customer feel like he(she) is at Conghua Cultural Exhibition Hall instantly. Besides, Guangzhou Eagle-coin also updated the hardware of the live studio, and built a live studio with the concept of a "modern kitchen" ; and arranged live stream of products such as canned food, frozen chain and biscuits, using Chinese and English live broadcast way.
    On April 15th, the 129th Canton Fair has officially opened online. The Executive deputy general Manager and deputy general manager of Guangzhou Textiles Industry and Trade Holdings LTD (hereinafter referred to as TIT group), Mr. Ge Weizhi and Mr. Guan Yong have led a team to visit the on-site work of all the exhibitions of TIT group.